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The goats are spanish boer crosses.  There is a spring and fall kid crop.  They free range on the wonderful browse and pasture the ranch has to offer. When they have reached 40-50 pounds, usually around 6 months of age they are processed.

The broiler operation is made up of Freedom Rangers and Heritage White meat birds. They are raised in a brooder until old enough to enjoy their life rotating on fresh pasture in their chicken tractor that is moved every day.  


The broilers are supplemented with Non-GMO and Non-soy Hugelland feed milled in Fredericksburg, Texas. 






The lambs come from a show line of hampshire and rambouillet bucks and ewes.  They are born in the early spring and are ready for processing by mid to late June.  Like the goats they free range on native pastureland.  

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