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Refund Policy: La Cabra Meat



The website listed above, hereinafter referred to as; is operated by the

following party:

La Cabra Meat, a limited liability company, organized under the laws of the state of


For any questions or comments regarding this Refund Policy, the Operator may be

reached at the following contact points:

Jurahee Silvers


Please be advised that for sales not at the sellers usual place of business, the federal

law & rule may apply. This rule gives customers the right to cancel a sale made

at their home, workplace, or dorm that was under $25 or cancel a sale made at a seller's

temporary location, like a fairground, motel, or convention center that was under $130.

An attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction will be able to assist.

Customers may request a refund on goods sold within 30 days of receipt.

To be eligible for a return the following conditions must be met:

The item must not be used.

The item must not be damaged.

The item must be returned with its original receipt.

Additional conditions:

Customer must contact by email or phone prior to return

If the above conditions are not met, Operator reserves the right to reject return and


In case of approved return, Operator will pay shipping by providing a shipping label or

refunding the additional cost of the shipping to Customer.

No refunds are permissible on sale items.

Customers may request an exchange in lieu of a refund. Exchange requests will be

processed and accepted or denied.

Customers must contact Operator prior to the start of the refund and return process.


Returns are to be sent to the following address:

PO Box 818

Junction, Tx 76849

Refunds are permitted on the sale of services under the following conditions:

Services are only permitted prior to the services taking place. Refunds must be

requested at least 72 hours in advance of the date services are scheduled.

Refunds are issued at the Operators discretion and may be accepted or rejected as


Shipping Policy:

All items purchased will be an additional $5 for shipping.  All items delivered in Junction are free delivery.

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